OM, more challenging than I first thought…

This is the first time I’ve written a blog, so I’m not sure where to start or even what to exactly write about.

In our online Eurochallenge league I opted with two other friends to play in the French league (before the league was joined by others), I chose Olympic Marseille because of my connection with them as a teenager playing a play-by-mail football management game and then actually watching them at Caen when I was sixteen in France – the days of Chris Waddle and the great Jean-Pierre Papin, unfortunately, (if memory serves me right) it resulted in a 0-0 draw.

…love the hair!

Back to the FM20 game…. I chose OM without looking first at the playing squad and level of competition (BIG mistake); rushing to make my decision to then find out I would have a small squad, little money and only one recognised striker.

I started the season reasonably well and then thrashed Bordeaux 7-0 followed by an away 2-0 win, this is going very well I thought. However, this is where the wheels started coming off with only 1 win in the next 10 games and looking very poor in front of goal; during this period I had the dreaded threat of being sacked with the board giving me the target of nine points in five games. Maybe this threat changed things and sent a rocket up everyone’s derriere, because at this point the team’s form changed with only 1 defeat in 19 games in all competitions and conceding only 6 goals, losing only to Lyon away 1-0 with a injury-time goal. 

Now with 27 games played we find ourselves in 4th place (predicted finish) with the top two spots being occupied by human managers (Will and Charlie respectively), with 11 games to go. I think 3rd place is too much to achieve but would really like to hold on to 4th place come the end of the season.

I’ll update following our next round of weekly games. Au revoir…